About us

”We started LED Nordic because we did not want to compromise

with our indoor environment and the Danish hygge at home.” 

Harmful side effects from candles

We love candles and we love cosiness. That was the reason why we started LED Nordic back in 2015. Candles are one of the biggest climate sinners, that emit more soot particles than cars on a heavily trafficked road. But for us candles are the epitome of cosiness, so we went in search of an environmentally  friendly alternative – and we found it! Perfect for allergy sufferers, the elderly who do not dare to have candles and for anyone who wants a healthy indoor environment.

Sold out after the first 2 months  

When the webshop opened in the autumn of 2015, sales went smoothly, and already after the first 2 months all of the products were sold out. It was amazing that so many customers supported the new, healthy alternative instead of real candles. The LED candles were thus the starting point for what today is a webshop with a large selection of not only LED candles but also other environmentally friendly products.


Thanks to you

We cannot say it too often: Thank you so much to all our loyal customers. You are the reason that our business exists. We are so proud that so many of you want to create cosiness and at the same time not compromise with the indoor environment. We believe that if all of us take small steps into a healthier indoor environment and at the same time enjoy the little glimpses of life, then everything will be a little bit cosier. What do you think?


Cosy greetings

Kim & Rikke

Father and daughter to both each other and Led Nordic

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