Sia LED Rechargeable taper candle white 22 cm 2 pcs

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Sia rechargeable candles - no need to change batteries.
These enchanting candles are not only beautiful, they also exude exclusive elegance. Sia LED taper candle are exclusive and create a cosy and natural lighting.
  • Made from pure stearin with a rustic finish for authentic beauty.
  • Elegant flat top for an incredibly authentic candle experience.
  • Enchanting 3D teardrop-shaped flame with pulsating movements
  • SIA Rechargeable Candle charges quickly in just 1.5 hours and can light up to 130 hours (depending on brightness and timer usage)
  • Remote control option with timer function and adjustable brightness (optional).
Sia taper candles are designed to create an elegant and cosy atmosphere on your dining table and will beautifully surround your culinary masterpieces when you invite guests for dinner. Sia provides trendy and cosy lighting without worrying about soot, dangerous particles or fire hazards.

You no longer have to worry about batteries! This makes them an excellent choice for both you and the environment. Plus, all of ours are packed in recyclable packaging.

Don't forget to order a charging plate for taper candles.