At, we constantly develop our LED candles, but we know that our customers might have some favourites. Instead of changing these favourites, we create new collections where we can introduce our developments.


Our collections:



Anna is our very first collection. The candles have the ’old flame’ and has a curved edge. Back then, we already succeeded with creating candles with a battery time of 1.800 hours, and the possibility to control them with a remote. We might have become better at creating new designs, but even back then, it is visible that we have focus on quality in our candles, e.g., the Anna-collection.



This collection was introduced in 2019, where we introduced the beautiful, coloured pillar candles with a flat top with a flame shaped as a drop. The flame is placed on a black candle wick, which enhances the realistic look of the candle. The candles are in great quality, with a battery time up to 1.800 hours on many of the variations, and they can all be controlled with the remote.



Our first pillar candle with wet-look, is created by hand with pure candle wax and a smooth surface. The Luca collection has multiple variations, such as the extra wide candles, which makes them ideal for being placed by itself on tables, shelves or on the floor. We have designed the candles, and thereby, we have patent on the design. Many of the variations have a battery time up to 1.800 hours and they can be controlled with the remote.



Rika is the first collection where we were in charge of the development. Here you get a quality candle for a good price. The candles include a timer-function, and they are created by hand in candle wax with a 3D drop-shaped flame. During the years, we have developed the Rika-collection to include tealights, memory candles and a candle in cement. This gives you multiple opportunities to use them as decorations in your home.



This collection has a twisted design and wet-look, and w have created them from scratch. We wanted to create candles that looks realistic but exclusive, therefore we created candles with the twisted design with candle wax. We are proud of the candles and the different colours, therefore, we also have patent of the design. Vega candles is also in the same great quality as our other candles. The candles are created with the same standard as the rest of our candles, and the candles have up to 1.800 hours of battery time and they can be controlled by remote.


Common for all of our lights is that they are all created with pure candle wax, and they give you the same cozy mood as normal candles – but without being damaging for the environment!

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