Outdoor LED lights for all year round

Outdoor LED lights create a cosy atmosphere in your garden all year round. They can be left outside in all weathers, as long as they're not in direct water.

They're great as they are, or you can place them in a lantern. They can easily be mistaken for real candles. You can find the lights as a set or buy them individually to get just the ones you need.

LED lights are perfect for homes that care about a healthy climate. With outdoor lights, you avoid soot, smoke and particle dispersion. This makes for a more environmentally friendly home. The lights are great for homes with children and pets, as you no longer have to worry about fire hazards or accidents. They're also great for elderly people who want the cosiness of candles but don't want to keep real candles around.

All in all, there are many advantages to LED lights - the only downside is that you become addicted.

IP-44 approved, the products can withstand drizzle.