Luna LED Christmas tree lights white Ø 1.2 X 10 cm 8 pcs

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Decorate the candles for the Christmas tree.

Good to know

  • With a height of 10 cm, which means they won't fall over.
  • Elegant flat top that gives the impression of a fine new light.
  • Black wick with a moving 3D teardrop-shaped flame in a beautiful warm white color.
  • Battery life of 40-60 hours.
  • Remote control option  here.

The Christmas tree candles create the coziest indoor Christmas atmosphere, without the risk of children and four-legged family members getting burned. In addition, these candles are hypoallergenic as they do not emit soot or harmful particles. At the same time, you avoid the risk of fire in the tree or decorations.

We recommend the following number of Christmas tree candles for a Christmas tree of:

120 cm: 16 pcs.
150 cm: 24 pcs.
180 cm: 32 pcs.
210 cm: 40 pcs.