Sia LED pillar candle rechargeable white Ø5 X 10-15-20-25cm 4pcs

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Sia rechargeable pillar candles – avoid changing batteries. These enchanting wax candles are not only beautiful but also exude exclusive elegance. This set of pillar candles consists of four white Sia LED candles with varying heights of 10, 15, 20, 25 cm. All the candles have a diameter of 5 cm.

  • Made of pure wax for authentic beauty.
  • A resin flat top that provides a "wet" effect, resembling liquid wax.
  • Black wick with a moving 3D drop-shaped flame.
  • Sia rechargeable candles charge rapidly in just 1.5 hours and can illuminate for up to 130 hours (depending on brightness and timer use).
  • Option for remote control with timer function and adjustable brightness (available separately).

Place the stylish and cozy Sia LED pillar candles in your favorite corners at home, on the coffee table, and dining table to create the perfect atmosphere, without the risk of soot, harmful particles, or fire.

You no longer need to worry about batteries! This makes Sia LED pillar candles an excellent choice for both you and the environment. Furthermore, all our candles and lamps are packaged in reusable packaging.

Remember to order a charging plate that can be used for both pillar candles and tealights.