Ada LED lamp 15 cm white

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Our Ada lamp is a rechargeable table lamp in a pleasant warm white color. The lamp can be charged with a USB charger or solar cells.

  • The material is UV-protected so the LED lamp is not discolored by sunlight and can withstand temperatures between -14 and +35 degrees.
  • Charges 6-8 hours with USB or in full sunlight.
  • It is easy to take with you as it is wireless and can shine for 6-8 hours on a full charge (depending on brightness).
  • Remote control can regulate the brightness and turn the lamp on/off (optional).

The lamp is IP44 approved, which means it can withstand insects and solid particles down to one millimeter and withstand heavy water splashes from all sides, making it suitable for outdoor use and wet rooms, such as a bathroom. However, it is not intended for a swim in the bathtub or bird bath.

You can also use it as indoor lighting or to create a cozy atmosphere at the table.