Ada LED light chain 40 clear bulbs 3 m

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The decorative Ada LED light chain consists of a 3-meter black cord equipped with 40 small LEDs. In addition, the light chain comes with an adapter for a power outlet. You have the option of using this Ada "starter kit" as it is, or you can expand it by adding an "Ada extension kit".

  • Elegant light chain for authentic coziness and beauty.
  • 3 meter black cord with 40 LEDs with a warm white light.
  • The Ada light chain can be used both indoors and outdoors (IP44).
  • The light chain can be extended up to 9 times = 30 meters of light chain to one power outlet.

The Ada light chain is IP44 certified, which means it is protected against insects and small solid particles as small as one millimeter, and can withstand heavy water splashes from all angles. However, it's important to note that the plug should not be exposed to water. You can use the string of lights both indoors on the Christmas tree and outdoors, whether it's summer or winter.

The LED string lights are delivered in recyclable packaging, just like all our other LED products.


Length of Lightchain:

3 Meter : 1 x Startset

6 Meter : 1 x Startset + 1 x Extender

9 Meter: 1 x Startset + 2 x Extender

12 Meter: 1 x Startset + 3 x Extender

15 Meter: 1 x Startset + 4 x Extender

18 Meter: 1 x Startset + 5 x Extender

21 Meter: 1 x Startset + 6 x Extender

24 Meter: 1 x Startset + 7 x Extender

27 Meter: 1 x Startset + 8 x Extender

30 Meter: 1 x Startset + 9 x Extender